Sobieszewo Island is one of the most beautiful bathing sites on the Polish coast

The Baltic Sea coast besides the mountains and lakes is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Poland. Forces like winds, the sea and rivers that flow into it formed a varied shoreline. For example coastal lakes which can be seen nowadays use to be bays, cut off from the sea by the growing sandbars. Islands like the Sobieszewo one are parts of sandbars destroyed by rivers flowing into the sea.

The Baltic Sea coast can be flat (with sand dunes) and steep (with cliffs). Sobieszewo Island has the flat coastline bounded by the sand dunes. This type of landscape unlike the cliff one is perfect for swimming and sunbathing for it is characterised by wide beaches full of warm sand pleasantly squeaking under your feet and sheltered from the winds by the sand dunes. That is why Sobieszewo Island with its spacious golden seaside is one of the most wonderful bathing beaches on the Polish coast.