Sobieszewo Island hiking trail (10 km, marked green)

Sobieszewo Island hiking trail was planned by PTTK (Poish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) and marked green. It is 10 km long and forms a part of European long distance path E-9 which runs from Portugal to Estonia.

The route (10km): Sobieszewo – Orle – Wieniec – Komary – Świbno.

Trail description: the trail starts off at Sobieszewo centre by the pontoon bridge and a bus stop. It leads for 150m along Turystyczna street towards Świbno (state road no. 501) up to Radosna street. Then, at the crossroads it turns north along Radosna street. After intersections with Pogodna and Barwna street the trail (by concrete road) leads into the woods. At the following crossroads it leads right and after about 100 m crosses the asphalt Falowa street.

The trail then takes the forest route heading east. After 2 km we turn left and after 150 m we turn right. After 600 m we leave the forest right in front of the Orle Hotel and take Lazurowa street which crosses our way. Then we turn left towards the sea, just to turn right after walking about 100m at the edge of the forest (right before the observation tower). The trail leads east along the edge of the forest for about 650 m. There are dunes and a beach on the left and the wood on the right. The trail turns right when it reaches a road leading from the beach to the forest and leads southeast for 550m.

It leaves the road soon and after turning left it climbs a grey sand dune and after leaving the highest point in the area (32 mamsl high) it meets a forest road from Wieniec to the beach. Here we turn left and after 250 m right. Now we are walking along the same road we followed at the beginning of the trail. It crosses an asphalt road (in the forest) which means we are in Komary.

We follow our road and after 1.5 km we turn left. Then (after about 150 m) we reach the crossroads and turn right. After another 200 m we reach the concrete road and we continue right. We reach the edge of the forest after 700 m and we find ourselves on Świbnieńska street when we turn right. We can see Świbno fishing port on our left.

We reach the crossroads with the main road (Boguckiego street) by carrying along Świbnieńska street. We turn left there and head towards Vistula river along Boguckiego street. The trail ends by a ferry crossing between Świbno and Mikuszewo.